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Life is a miracle, so when it happens twice it’s even more fascinating. I’m taking now about twins. I see the DNA structure on which life is built as a ladder, an ascending road that no one knows exactly where it begins and how or where it ends. That is, probably, the way it should be.
The twins have an indestructible link that is almost unreal, that common part of their DNA that resides in the other, regardless of distance.
To create a contrast in this extremely complex subject, I chose for this painting a minimalist representation, that drops the spectator in the freedom of his own imagination.

I find the perfection of a painting or in free hand graphics quite boring, so I put emphasis on spontaneity.
Therefore, the circles in this kind of composition should not be perfect circles and, through the power of suggestion, the DNA is simply represented as a ladder. As in nature, perfection is just an illusion, but that doesn’t exclude the importance of the balance between the entities.

Viata este un miracol si atunci cand se intampla de doua ori, vorbesc acum despre gemeni, este fascinant. Structura ADN pe care este construita viata o vad ca pe o scara, un drum ascensional care nu stii exact nici unde incepe si cu atat mai putin cum sau unde se termina. Si gasesc ca asa este firesc si aproape bine.
Pe gemeni ii leaga indestructibil acel ceva comun, parte din ADN care salasluieste in celalalt indiferent de distante, aproape ireal.
Am ales pentru acest tablou o reprezentare minimalista, abstracta, in contrast cu subiectul extrem de complex.

Perfectiunea in pictura si grafica la mana libera imi pare ceva plicticos, de aceea accentul il pun pe spontaneitate. Prin urmare, cercurile intr-o astfel de compozitie nu sunt cercuri perfecte, scara doar sugereaza ideea de ADN, cum de fapt si in natura perfectiunea este doar o iluzie, aceasta neexcluzand echilibrul.

ID #: LGC-004
Availability: Price on Request
Title: “Twins”
Series: Our Life
Year Created: August 2016
Medium / Materials: Mixes media: cotton & acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 30 x 30 x 2 cm
Frame: Silver finishes, 35 x 35 x 3 cm
Style: Abstract
Rarity/Quantity Available: Original, Unique.
Signed: Certificate of Authenticity provided
Location of the Item: Romania, Bucharest




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